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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Causes of Knee Swelling

All about Common Causes of Knee Swelling

Swelling of the knee causes the knee to become stiff and tight and will restrict one’s ability to straighten or bend the knee properly. Swelling is one of the most common knee problems that doctors see and it is something that needs to be evaluated, especially if the swelling lasts longer than 48 hours, or if it is accompanied by intense pain that is not eased with pain relief medication.

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There are a number of causes of knee swelling, the most common of which is arthritis. Other causes include the following:

* Cruciate ligament tear
* Meniscal tear
* Collateral ligament tear
* Fluid build up from infection, blood or joint fluid
* Bursitis
* Gout
* Tendonitis
* Chondromalacia patella (a condition that causes a softening of the cartilage)
* Over-use or strain during exercise
* Trauma or injury to the knee
* Infection (Infection of the knee is serious and requires swift medical treatment)

Help for Knee Swelling/
Natural Remedies

Swelling of the knee can be an uncomfortable and painful experience that may affect your ability to move freely and comfortably. Many people that suffer from inflammation are now turning to natural remedies as an alternative to pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory medications which often have unwanted side-effects.

Homeopathic ingredients such as Magnesium phosphoricum and Matricaria recutita both have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and both are renowned for their soothing effect on aching muscles and stiff joints.

Arnica is also a well known ingredient that helps promote the healing of connective tissue, cartilage and bones while Dulcamara is another excellent anti-inflammatory often used in the treatment of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

Herbal Remedies

The ingredients Bryonia and Berberis are also excellent when trying to relieve inflamed joints. In addition, the homeopathic ingredient Rhus tox can be used to relieve pain and stiffness, and works well to heal fibrous tissue, markedly joints, tendons, and sheaths.
More Information on Knee Swelling
How to prevent and treat knee swelling

* If you have knee swelling or soreness that lasts longer than 48 hours, or is accompanied by intense pain or a fever, then you should seek medical attention where a proper diagnosis can be made and any underlying conditions ruled out.
* Avoid putting weight on the sore, swollen knee as much as possible until the swelling has gone down.
* Use a cold compress. Wrap some crushed ice in a cloth and keep it on your knee for 20 minutes on to help reduce swelling. Repeat this every 2-4 hours, and when using the compress, be sure to keep your knee elevated using pillows.
* If you suffer from arthritis in the knee, then it is important to keep up with stretching and toning exercises. These exercises can help to warm and stretch the muscles and are especially useful after long periods of rest.
* Regular exercise to improve muscle tone and fitness can be very beneficial. Remember not to push yourself too hard if you are unfit. Choose a gentle exercise that won’t cause pain such as yoga or swimming.
* If you are over-weight then now is a great time to consider losing weight naturally. Excess weight places extra pressure on all the joints and muscles, especially those in the knees and ankles.
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